[002.18] when a picture is worth a thousand words…


[001.18] …

In my Rose Garden of memories
I see you standing there
An angel in disguise
Who taught me how to care
I long to hear your voice
for real not in my dreams
I am missing you so much these days
how empty my world seems
People say time heals all wounds
that someday the pain will subside
But I can tell you
I think they must have lied
The emptiness I am feeling now
is strong and I am weak
These days go by without you
so dreary and so bleak
In my Rose Garden of memories
I know you’ll always be
for though you’re gone
from this mortal world
In my heart you’ll always be

[108.17] Children waiting up to 18 months for mental health treatment

Children with mental health problems are waiting up to 18 months to be treated, a government-ordered report will reveal next week, in an indictment of the poor care many receive.

A Care Quality Commission report into child and adolescent mental health services (Camhs) will warn that long delays for treatment are damaging the health of young people with anxiety, depression and other conditions.

The NHS watchdog will conclude that when under-18s in England do get help from the NHS, it is “caring”. However, it will voice alarm that so many of them encounter much difficulty once they are referred by their GP or a teacher at their school.


[107.17] 1st new years resolution

I know it is a little to early for this, but it’s true. This morning I promised something to myself.

Back to 1990, I was awake until after 6am to see something very important. After around 10 minutes I went to bed, sad, disappointed and annoyed.

Last night the same thing happen… Awake until after 6am, and after 10 minutes I went to bed, again, sad, disappointed and annoyed, with what happened.

Who knows me, also knows I love motorsports and since kid I’m a Ferrari fan.

In 1990, shortly after 6am, and in the first corner of the Japanese GP, Senna and Prost colide, and Prost (in a Ferrari) lost the world championship.

Last night, shortly after 6am, and since the first meters of the Japanese GP, Vettel (in a Ferrari) started losing any chance he could still have to be (and brink back the crown to Ferrari) world champion.

So, and from now on (and this is my new years resolution), and at least until they stop racing at Suzuka and go back to Fuji…

I will never watch a Japanese F1 GP again.

[103.17] ICSW Global Cooperation Newsletter – June 2017

The content of the June edition of the Newsletter has been prepared by ICSW Europe. It presents the salient features of the recent conference convened by ICSW Europe in Moscow in cooperation with its Russian members and other partners. Some of the statements made at the conference are also included. The Moscow conference with its emphasis on sustainable development and human well-being could be seen as an important regional step towards the preparation of the 2018 Joint World Conference in Dublin devoted to promoting environmental and community sustainability in the context of social work and social development.

As usual, we profile some recent books on matters of interest to our readers.

Sergei Zelenev, ICSW Executive Director and the Editor of the Global Cooperation Newsletter

Newsletter June – English FINAL.pdf-rev 1.pdf

[102.17] Children’s Commissioner’s Report on Vulnerability

Disturbing figures in this new analysis from the Children’s Commissioner for England, where is shown the scale of vulnerability among children in England.


[101.17] Back to the start

So… Let’s try again. This blog (and this site) has been stopped, basically, for a couple of years. I want, hope, and will try to restart it and update it. In the meanwhile, some things will be posted and I will change the layout and update all information. Hopefully this will happen soon 🙂 

Or maybe this is only wishfull thinking of someone in holidays 🙂

We’ll see…